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Jun. 12 – EU: REACH for Textiles and Footwear

The following article is a good reminder that REACH extends beyond the chemical industry – No textile, footwear item to enter EU without REACH certification after July 2009:

He said that Reach is a new EU chemical regulation established to progressively replace the regulations and directives of 40 existing chemicals and to create a single system governing all chemicals used in the European Community. Chemicals impregnated in textile and footwear products are of no exception to this regulation.

He said that to achieve various functions such as waterproof, anti-bacteria and heat-resistance in textile and footwear products, state-of-the-art technology and chemicals are often employed in the manufacturing process. Nano silver metal oxides and halogenated organic compounds may sometimes be used in achieving a desired function, which may not be safe for human beings and environment.

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