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Jun 21 – REACH: Tips from Nexreg

Worried about REACH? Nexreg’s resident REACH expert gives these tips:

I know deadlines focus the mind, so I wanted give clients some more information about the pre-registration process under REACH.

1. Substances should be pre-registered in order to qualify as ‘phase-in’ substances under REACH, i.e. those that can continue to be sold before a registration. Phase-in substances benefit from the delayed registration timetable.

2. The pre-registration takes place for all existing (EINECS substances) substances between 1 June 2008 and 30 November 2008 (only 6 month window).

3. The formation of the SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum – the companies involved in joint registrations) will be formed from the pre-registration information.

4. Pre-registration is simple, but companies have to know what substances they wish to pre-register. Advice is to pre-register your whole product portfolio. This requires breaking down preparations into components for all products exported to the EU (or substances you may in the future wish to export).

Also note a re-formatted version of REACH has been published here.

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