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Jun. 23 – EU: Commission mulls law changes to cover nanomaterials

Could nanomaterial labeling regulations be coming to the EU? discusses:

The EU executive’s regulatory review of existing European legislation concludes that current laws may need to be modified as the depth of scientific knowledge on nanomaterials increases. Specific labelling schemes for products containing nanomaterials could notably be developed.

The current EU legislative framework “covers in principle the potential health, safety and environmental risks in relation to nanomaterials,” concludes a Commission Communication on regulatory aspects of nanomaterial, published on 17 June 2008…

As for labelling of products, the Commission does not exclude the possibility “that a need would be identified for specific labelling requirements” for nanomaterials. Until then, it says, nanomaterials must comply with the existing EU law on the labelling of products, warnings and other information for consumers on the properties of products.

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