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June. 27 EU: Consumer groups urge Brussels to act faster on endocrine disruptors

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Consumer groups are urging the European Commission to implement the ‘precautionary principle’ into EU rules on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, in order to secure safety as additional research underlines the potential harms of too much exposure to the chemicals.


Recently, endocrine-disrupting chemicals and their potential risks have received more attention in the EU and the Commission will later this year publish a new strategy on the issue.


Known examples of endocrine-disrupting chemicals include phthalates (a plastic-softener), brominated flame retardants (often used in household textile or furniture) and metals like lead and mercury.


Christophe Rousselle, representing the French consumer organisation ANSES, said at a panel discussion in Brussels on 25 June, organised by the European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC), that at the moment it is difficult for public agencies and risk assessors to know in which products chemical compounds are used and the concentration.


Some health campaigners have called for a ban on more than 800 chemical substances to fulfil a precautionary principle for the benefit of consumers.


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