Consumer Label Compliance

Consumer labels are meant to be seen by potential customers in retail and online purchase settings.

Regulation for consumer labels typically apply to chemical products that can be purchased at retail locations for personal or household use such as household cleaners, air fresherers, detergents, paints, lubricants etc. Regulations for these products not only differ by product and location, these regulations often differ from industrial regulations, and require a separate review(s).

For products in the United States of America we offer a CPSC (consumer product safety commission) label review service. For products in Canada we offer a CCCR (Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations) label service. For products in other locations, contact us for more details.

Nexreg’s Experts recommend reviewing each consumer label individually to ensure compliance for import and export. Contact us today!

Nexreg Advantage

When you chose Nexreg’s MSDS services, you choose the Nexreg Advantage which includes:

  • Services offered in over 50 different countries
  • Standard 11-15 Business Days turnaround time
  • Regular RUSH (5-10 Business Days) and Express RUSH (24Hr-96Hr turnaround time) services
  • Guaranteed Product Compliance, Confidentiality, and Documents Insured Against Errors and Omissions
  • Expert Regulatory Consultants with Consultation on Demand
  • Access to Global Network of Regulatory Experts and Professionals
  • Customizable documents – Include Company Logos, Specialized Statements and Formatting

The Nexreg Advantage is a guarantee that your products will have the proper safety documentation, correct format, and compliance with specific country regulations. Contact us to learn more about MSDS services.

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