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Mar. 12 – Cabinet to be pushed on regulating ban on carcinogens

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An article in the Hill Times discusses possible changes to the labeling of consumer products in Canada:

Health Canada recently brought in new regulations that, starting in November 2006, will force ingredient labelling on cosmetic products. The department is also holding consultations on new regulations to label consumer products with carcinogens and bring Canada in line with European rules. Health Canada plans to finish the consultations this year and implement the new rules in 2008, Health Canada spokesman Paul Duchesne said.

During the 2006 election, the Conservatives also promised $260-million to go toward a national cancer strategy, the Canadian Cancer Society says, part of which will focus on cancer prevention. The society says that if the Conservatives deliver on their promise in the April Throne Speech, the strategy will prevent more than 1.2 million Canadians from developing cancer over the next 30 years.

Mr. Cullen said that better labelling of products is a good development but that they do not go far enough. Canada is an embarrassment compared to Scandinavian countries, he said, which are about 10 or 15 years ahead of Canada on the environment and health, and, he said, cancer-causing substances should be removed from consumer products.

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See the full article: The Hill Times.

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