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Mar. 18 EU: EU Ban on Animal Tested Cosmetics Jeopardize Industrys Ability to Innovate: Cosmetics Europe

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Cosmetics Europe regrets the timing of today’s entry into force of the marketing ban for cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals in order to meet EU cosmetics requirements. The ban ignores the reality that science is not yet ready to bridge existing knowledge gaps and that non-animal alternatives cannot address all ingredient safety questions. Furthermore, the ban acts as a brake on innovation for the European cosmetics industry while achieving little to improve global animal welfare.

Bertil Heerink, Director General of Cosmetics Europe commented; “The cosmetics industry is committed to eliminating testing in animals and has invested substantially in developing non-animal alternative methods.” He added; “Moreover, the cosmetics industry is a flagship for Europe, which needs a strategy for growth and innovation; this needs to include a continuing commitment to encouraging alternatives development. Unfortunately, by implementing the ban at this time, the European Union is jeopardizing the industry’s ability to innovate, particularly for SMEs, a fact acknowledged by their own assessment. This runs contrary to its commitment to both a knowledge- and science-driven legislative approach and the Europe 2020 Strategy”.

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