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Mar. 21 US: Recent Actions Ensure New England Companies Adhere to Protections in Federal Pesticide Law

This press release is brought to you by the EPA.

Over the past several months, EPA has taken a series of enforcement actions against several New England firms for alleged violations of the federal law that governs pesticides in the U.S. (the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, or “FIFRA”).

The larger cases included a business that sells temperature sensing instruments for medical use, a maker of devices used to control bedbugs, a pool chemical distributor and a company that markets an assortment of solutions for decks, roofs, and shingles. These cases alleged a number of different FIFRA violations, including the failure to register pesticides; misbranded pesticides or devices (through false or misleading labeling); failure to report pesticide or device imports into the United States; selling pesticides for an unauthorized use; and failure to register pesticide/device-producing establishments.

n all of the case settlements announced by EPA, the parties targeted for enforcement do not admit to any liability for the violations that are alleged by EPA.

For more information and the full press release please refer to the link above.

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