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May. 30 – US: EPA Pesticide Registration Notice

Another important notice from the EPA:

“Environmental Hazard General Labeling Statements on Outdoor Residential Use Products.” This PR Notice was issued by the Agency on May 9, 2008 and is identified as PR Notice 2008-1. PR Notices are issued by the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) to inform pesticide registrants and other interested persons about important policies, procedures, and registration related decisions, and serve to provide guidance to pesticide registrants and OPP personnel. This particular PR Notice provides guidance to the registrant concerning new environmental hazard statements that are designed to replace language created for agricultural products with statements that are easier for consumers to understand. The new environmental hazard statements are divided by
product type (e.g., liquid ready-to-use, broadcast granular), and recommends specific language for each product type to minimize risks to the human health and the environment, with emphasis on reducing risks to water. Revisions to product labels using these new statements may be made by notification.

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