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May 31 – REACH starts tomorrow!

We received a tip this morning that we would from ReachReady that included the following information we thought you would be interested in:

And by the way did we mention that REACH comes into force tomorrow…?

Nothing for you to worry about, the only thing REACH says you have to do from day one is to invert sections 2 and 3 of your Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) and add an e-mail contact according to Annex II of REACH. However all EU Member States have agreed that this is impractical. They say they will instead expect SDS’s for all new substances and preparations brought to the market after Friday to be drawn up according to the new requirements, and that revisions to existing SDS’s made after Friday should also be made according to the new requirements, but that all SDS’s should be changed by 1 December 2010 – the first registration deadline.

Nexreg Compliance provides a full range of REACH compliance services, including registrations and translations. For more information on REACH compliancy, please call or e-mail Nexreg at:

Nexreg Canada: (519)488-5126 (London, ON)
Nexreg UK: +44 020 7993 5893 (London, UK)
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