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New Mexican cleaning product standard comes into force

Mexico’s new Cleaning product standard comes into force on December 13th, 2019. NOM-189-SSA1-SCFI-2018 will replace the old standard NOM-189-SSA1-SCFI-2002.

The mandatory standard applies to household cleaning products intended for consumers, including products designated for washing or cleaning of objects, surfaces, or premises, and products that provide a certain aroma to the environment.

The updated regulation includes some rewording of the definitions for clarity and the addition of new definitions. A new exception to the standard applies to hospital settings; “white” areas such as operating rooms, recovery room areas, and nursing areas are now excluded from the requirements. New pictograms have also been included to align the labeling more closely with GHS:

There are five hazard categories under the regulation that have label elements (risk warnings, and in some cases pictograms) assigned:

Chile resistant containers are required for products that are toxic, corrosive, or flammable.

The following information must be included on labels for regulated products:

Additionally, cleaning products sold in Mexico must also comply with the following standards:

If you are exporting hazardous products to Mexico, you should obtain a certificate for the product. Constancia certificates are issued for products labelled according to Mexico regulation. These are valid with Customs and the Ministry of the Environment and are useful for entry of the product into Mexico.

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