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Nov. 17 – MSDS related advice

Excellent advice here from on how to improve workplace safety, reduce liability and reduce the chances of running afoul of inspectors:

To begin, generate a list of hazardous materials already on-site. Compare the line items with entries in your material safety data sheet (MSDS) library. Review them to determine if they’re adequate, and request updates if necessary. Because dock and warehouse workers typically don’t handle chemicals in the same way that production workers do, hazard communication training might not need to be as detailed, but because there is potential for exposure, it should not be overlooked.

Educate anyone with authority to make purchases to request the MSDS for any new hazardous materials that will be brought on-site before they arrive. Establish a system to document or communicate them to areas that might potentially come in contact with the hazard. Electronic files are a convenient way to do this, but having hard copies also will suffice. By requesting MSDS earlier, everyone can become educated about new hazards in advance of their arrival.

In some facilities, it might be prudent for a safety officer or safety team to review and approve new materials before issuing a purchase order. In others, the receiving dock crew might be a first line of defense if it’s taught not to accept new items for which there is no MSDS. Establishing a protocol — whatever it might be — helps ensure that nothing unexpected arrives.

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