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Nov. 5 EU: Unaware French firms set to miss REACH deadline

From: EurActiv

The EU’s REACH regulation requires companies to register all their dangerous chemical products and those they use in large quantities by 30 November. Yet in France, some manufacturers run the risk of missing the deadline as they are unaware that the law applies to them. EurActiv France reports.

According to two lawyers at French law firm Fidal, Frédéric Puel and Guillaume Pezzali, some companies have not realised that REACH applies to them: the regulation concerns not only chemical firms but also all companies that use the products.

The risks of non-compliance are considerable. If industries do not submit their dossiers in time, they will no longer be allowed to sell or import the substance in question. France has also established a ‘legal arsenal’: companies could be on the receiving end of administrative and criminal penalties.

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