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Oct. 16 – US: OSHAs New Enforcements

From – OSHA Compliance: How to Ensure that Your Efforts Are on Target:

…[OSHA] has stepped up its enforcement efforts. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your OSHA compliance efforts are on the right track:

* OSHA budget increase. President Obama has asked for a large increase OSHA’s budget–over 10 percent or $50.6 million, which would allow OSHA to hire more than 200 new employees including 130 more inspectors, 25 more discrimination investigators to pursue whistleblower complaints, and 20 more staff members who will help develop workplace standards.
* Step-up in construction enforcement. Because of the increase in construction projects…OSHA will increase inspections in this area to ensure OSHA compliance.
* Increase worksite inspections to 40,000 a year.
* Changes to the hazard communication standard (HCS).
* Injury and Illness Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program. The recordkeeping NEP involves inspecting occupational injury and illness records prepared by businesses and appropriately enforcing regulatory requirements when employers are found to be under-recording injuries and illnesses…
* Higher penalties.
* New Regulations, Guidelines, and Directives.

OSHA also recently issued directives outlining NEPs on refineries and chemical plants.

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