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Oct. 17 – Canada: Health Canada makes it official: BPA is health hazard

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A story on BPA from The Globe and Mail:

Canada on Saturday will become the first country to formally declare bisphenol A hazardous to human health and officially inform the baby-product industry it will no longer be able to use the chemical in baby bottles.

Canada’s announcement comes six months after Health Minister Tony Clement surprised the chemical industry by announcing the government’s plan to place bisphenol A on its list of toxic substances and ban its use in baby bottles.

In unveiling the “precautionary and prudent” move, Clement proposed a limited ban of the widely used chemical, also found in hard plastic sports bottles and the lining of food cans…

The government’s final decision will appear in the Canada Gazette, which publishes the official regulations of the government…

Click on the above link for more information.  We will be publishing more information on these regulations as they become available.

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