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Protection to American consumers: It’s Time to Protect Consumers From Toxic Chemicals

This news update on protection to American consumers is brought to you by The Huffington Post.



Almost 80,000 chemicals are sold in the United States, and we are exposed to many of them on a daily basis. We know with alarming certainty that some of these cause cancer, but most remain unexamined and unregulated.


In its 2010 report, entitled, Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now, the president’s Cancer Panel declared, “Research on environmental causes of cancer has been limited by low priority and inadequate funding.” As a result, “the consequences of cumulative lifetime exposures to known carcinogens and the interaction of specific environmental contaminants remain largely unstudied.”


Determined to offer some measure of protection to American consumers, Senator Lautenberg paired with Senator David Vitter (Republican from Louisiana) to sponsor a new bill entitled the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, which served as a compromise to the original Safe Chemicals Act.



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