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Sept 23 – US: EPA Slaps Fine on Discount Store Chain

From: The Bay Citizen

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just fined the discount chain 99¢ Only Stores more than $400,000 for selling unregulated and mislabeled pesticides.

The penalty is the largest ever ordered by a judge against a retailer for failure to comply with a federal law that requires all pesticides sold in the United States to be registered with the EPA. The law includes disinfectants and household cleaners that claim to kill germs.

The products include the household cleaners “Bref Limpieza y Disinfección Total con Densicloro,” or “Bref Complete Cleaning and Disinfection with Densicloro®,” which was imported from Mexico, and “Farmer’s Secret Berry & Produce Cleaner,” both of which were not registered with the EPA. The other product involved was “PiC BORIC ACID Roach Killer III,” which was mislabeled.

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