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Sept. 7 – US: EPA denies bid to ban lead in hunting ammunition

From: Associated Press

The Environmental Protection Agency has denied a petition by five environmental groups to ban lead in hunting ammunition, saying the issue is not within the agency’s jurisdiction…The EPA said Friday it did not have the authority to enact the ban, aimed at protecting wildlife, under the Toxic Substances Control Act, as the groups had requested. But the agency said it’s still reviewing another part of the petition, to ban lead fishing sinkers.

In a petition filed earlier this month, the environmental groups argued that instances of lead poisoning from ammunition and fishing sinkers “present an unreasonable risk of injury” to both human health and the environment.The petition cited nearly 500 peer-reviewed scientific articles that the environmental groups said document the toxic effects of lead on wildlife.

The environmentalists were sharply critical of the EPA decision, arguing the agency has the authority to act and that there is a wide range of non-lead ammunition available.

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