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Soda warning labels: Lawmaker proposes warning label on sugary drinks to fight obesity

This news update on soda warning labels is brought to you by the New York Post.



A Brooklyn lawmaker is proposing a state law requiring sugary soft drinks to carry labels warning that consumption contributes to “obesity, diabetes and tooth decay’’ — much like packs of cigarettes carry warnings about the dangers of smoking.


“We can’t sit back and pretend that sugary drinks aren’t harmful to people. The research is clear: Too much sugar leads to health problems such as obesity and diabetes,” said Assemblyman Karim Camara, whose bill comes after the soft-drink industry beat back other drastic New York initiatives to tackle obesity.


If approved, New York would become the first state to require soda warning labels. A similar measure was introduced — but not approved — in California.


Camara’s proposal got a thumbs-up from Mayor de Blasio’s administration. “Government action to address the dangers of sugary drinks is crucial, as the epidemics of obesity and diabetes continue to wreak havoc on the health of our communities,” said a spokesperson for Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett.



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