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South Korea’s Environment Ministry is considering future regulations regarding the use of biocides in consumer products.


The consideration for biocide regulations come after a number of cases concerning permanent body injury, and almost 100 deaths were in relation to the substance throughout the years.


In a recent investigation, a company known for their humidifier cleaners, were found incorrectly testing the safety of their products and covering up reports of the potential harm improper use of the product could cause.


This investigation sparked a major change in the way Korean consumers choose products that are welcomed into their household. Many companies and retailers selling cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals, have seen sales on the decline, while products containing natural chemicals have been increasing. However, The National Institute of Environmental Research is urging Korean consumers, who still use cleaning products containing chemicals, to use the products carefully and take extra precautions, especially when using products near children.


The Environment Ministry has also expressed their concern towards the investigation into biocides. The Ministry has suggested they will consider further monitoring chemical products before they hit the market, by advancing the product safety testing, and removing all products that fail to meet safety requirements. These changes are all in an effort to improve consumer product safety and terminate any loopholes found in the system.


For more information about the update in South Korea’s biocide regulation please visit the KoreaHerald. For more information about Korean MSDS and SDS Authoring contact Nexreg.



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