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South Korea’s Reporting Deadline

Consultants in South Korea are urging all overseas manufacturers to submit their reports and information before the June 30, 2016 deadline.


This is the first year that reports are due following South Korea’s implementation of K-REACH on January 1, 2015. Korea REACH, commonly known as K-REACH, is the Act of Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals. The Act is there to protect the public health and environment in Korea.


If a company is producing or importing chemicals which are over one tonne in volume per year, they must submit the relevant reports and information by the deadline. The requirement applies to:









Many South Korean consultants have stated that overseas manufacturers are still unaware of the full requirements. Therefore, companies must have their documents ready to prevent further delay.


For more information visit, Chemical Watch. Please contact Nexreg for Korean SDS/MSDS Authoring and Translations.



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