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Switzerland’s Chemicals Update


Switzerland has updated its list of chemicals.


The Swiss Chemicals Notification Authority must be notified when new substances, that are both imported and manufactured in Switzerland, are greater than one tonne before they can hit the Swiss market.


Some of these substances include:


(benzothiazol-2-ylthio)-succinic acid    EC-number/ ECHA list number: 401-450-4


1,2,4-Benzoltricarbonsäure, Dodecylester EC-number/ ECHA list number: 700-342-7


1,3-bis[12-hydroxy-octadecamide-N-methylene]-benzene EC-number/ ECHA list number: 423-300-7


1,4-Cyclohexandimethanoldivinylether EC-number/ ECHA list number: 413-370-7


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