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Tamper-Resistant Prescription Drugs – Canadian Update

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This news update regarding tamper-resistant prescription drugs, is brought to you by Health Canada.



Health Canada today published a Notice of Pre-Consultation in Canada Gazette, Part I, seeking stakeholder feedback on draft Tamper-Resistant Properties of Drugs Regulations. The draft regulations would require that all controlled release oxycodone products have tamper-resistant properties before they can be sold in Canada.


These draft regulations build upon the numerous initiatives the Government is supporting to combat prescription drug abuse. The Government of Canada invests approximately $130 million a year to address addictions and drug abuse in Canada under the National Anti-Drug Strategy. These funds contribute to developing tangible and effective solutions to the problems of drug addiction. In 2014, the government committed over $44 million over five years to expand the focus of the National Anti-Drug Strategy from illicit drugs to include measures to address prescription drug abuse.



To learn more about tamper-resistant prescription drugs, please follow the Health Canada link above.  Please contact Nexreg for DIN registrations.



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