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June 16 – Canada: Government of Canada Delivers on Commitment for Tougher Consumer Product Safety

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From Health Canada:

[On June 9, 2010] the Government of Canada introduced a tough new Bill to beef up Canada’s out-of-date product safety laws and deliver stronger, more effective protection for Canadian consumers and their families. The proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) was introduced…in the House of Commons by the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health.

The new proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act would improve consumer product safety with action that includes:

  • Prohibiting the manufacturing, importing, marketing or selling of any consumer products deemed or proven unsafe to human health or safety;
  • Requiring industry to quickly inform the government when they discover one of their products is linked to a serious incident, death, or product safety issue;
  • Requiring manufacturers or importers to provide test/study results on products when asked;
  • Empowering Health Canada to recall unreasonably dangerous consumer products; and
  • Making it an offence to package or label consumer products that make false or deceptive health or safety claims.

The proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act builds on Bill C-6, which the Government previously introduced, and takes into account concerns raised by some stakeholders and parliamentarians through specific amendments. These amendments serve to clarify the intent of the Bill…

Follow the link above for the news release from Health Canada. Nexreg will also be posting additional information on the new Bill as information becomes available.

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