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Mar. 12 – Canada: Canadian Parliament Proposes Alignment of Lead in Surface Coating Limit with US Requirement

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From the Bureau Veritas Group:

An amendment to the Lead in Surface Coating requirements in the Canadian Hazardous Products Act has been proposed by Parliament. This proposal would reduce the total lead limit for surface coatings from 600 mg/kg to 90 mg/kg for furniture, toys, other articles intended for children, equipment and other products used by children for play or learning, pencils and artists’ brushes. The amendment would bring the Canadian requirement in line with the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). A 75-day comment period is effective as of February 27, 2010 for interested parties.

To view the proposed bill click the following: Regulations Amending the Surface Coating Materials Regulations

For more information or to submit a comment see the link above.

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