Israel SDS Authoring

National Regulations Governing SDSs

In Israel the regulations that govern SDS authoring are the Work Safety Regulations (Safety Data Sheets, Classification, Packing, Labeling and Marking of Packages), 5758-1998, Amendment 5760-2000 Israeli Standard IS 2302-1 – 2004 on the classification, packaging, labeling, and marking of dangerous materials (**according to the old EU reg)

GHS-format safety data sheets and labels prepared in Hebrew are accepted in Israel. (Source: ChemSafetyPro)

Additional Regulations

Safety Data Sheets are accepted in English.
Transportation regulation according to “Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods” the “Orange Book”.

GHS Implementation Status

The Israeli standard 2303 is now under revision. It will adopt the EU GHS version (CLP regulations).