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Transition period begins for new EU CLP hazards classes

In late 2022, the European Commission released a proposal to incorporate three new hazards classes into the EU CLP: endocrine disruptors, PBT/vPvB chemicals, and PMT/vPvM chemicals. The proposal has now been accepted and was published in a Delegated Act in early 2023.

The new hazard classes have just entered into force on April 20, 2023, and consequently manufacturers can start including the ED, PBT/vPvB, and PMT/vPvM hazard classes on their SDSs when applicable. ECHA’s guidance on the application of CLP criteria for the new hazard classes is not expected to be ready until 2024, so current guidance on the identification of endocrine disruptors and PBTs assessments can be used by companies and Member States until the updated guidance is available. These guidance documents can be found on ECHA’s website. Classification and labelling with the new hazard classes will be mandatory on the following dates:

New substances on the EU market – May 1, 2025

Existing substances on the EU market – November 1, 2026

New mixtures on the EU market – May 1, 2026

Existing mixtures on the EU market – May 1, 2028


To determine if your product will require additional labelling for these new rules, please contact a Nexreg representative.


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