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Properties Testing

Properties Testing

Nexreg is not a laboratory and does not test products internally. Instead, Nexreg is partnered with several high-quality laboratories suited for testing the physical property characteristics of your chemical product. These labs are located in various places around the world so you can choose the one closest to you for easy shipping of your samples.

Commonly requested test methods, divided by hazard category, are outlined include:

Flammability testing

  1. Flame projection/extension and flashback (per CCCR, 2001 standards)
  2. Flashpoint (ASTM D56 / D92 / D93 / D3278 / D3828)
  3. Combustible dust testing

Aspiration potential testing

  1. Viscosity testing (Brookfield)

Corrosivity testing

  1. pH (ASTM D664 / on water with SM 4500-H)
  2. Acid/alkali reserve (ISO)
  3. Corrositex® (CTX) skin testing
  4. Invitro safety assessment (OECD 431/437)
  5. Metal corrosion

Irritation/Sensitivity testing

  1. Ocular/Dermal IRRITECTION® testing
  2. Invitro safety assessment (OECD 439/437)
  3. Skin sensitization (DPRA)


  1. Invitro safety assessment (OECD 428)
  2. Inhalation toxicity (OECD, JMAFF, OPPTS)

Environmental testing

  1. Ecotoxocology

General properties

  1. Specific gravity
  2. Boiling point
  3. Chemical reaction hazard testing
  4. Dissolution Testing
  5. Vacuum & Leak Detection

DOT HazMat testing for all UN classes (1 through 9)

If you are unsure which tests you should complete, then Nexreg can provide our suggestions based on the potential hazards of your product. This is a common step for Product Stewardship during hazard classification for a consumer label, workplace GHS label or SDS. If you do not already have test data, then we can suggest which tests you should have completed to downgrade or confirm the appropriate hazards.

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