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Sept 14 – Canada: Regulatory Proposal for Administrative Monetary Penalties under the Proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

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From: Health Canada

Health Canada is conducting a consultation on options for the proposed Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations. This document is meant to provide you with important information related to this proposal and to solicit your input on the following areas:

  • How an AMP (monetary penalty) would be calculated, including the factors that would be used to calculate the penalty and their associated values;
  • Options for the Payment of Penalty, including the payment process; and,
  • Any other details not laid out in the Clauses 49 – 66 of the proposed CCPSA.

Under the HPA, if a person or business refuses to voluntarily comply, the main enforcement options are to seize product and/or pursue criminal charges. However, Health Canada’s experience has shown that seizures are not always the most effective way to prevent non-compliant product from being sold and prosecutions are lengthy and costly procedures. The AMPs System was included in the proposed CCPSA to give Health Canada another fast and effective option for addressing non-compliance.

We will keep you informed if any regulatory changes result from this consultation.

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