What Is Chemical Emergency Response?

Legislators require organisations to provide an emergency telephone number on transport documentation and safety data sheets (SDS) before they can be distributed. Typically, regulations are established at national level, so the conditions of their implementation vary from country to country.

This has an impact on the practical aspects of the emergency telephone number requirement – such as the language spoken, if it is a local or international number, or if the number is available 24/7. To avoid the commercial or legal implications of non-compliance, those transporting or supplying hazardous goods must ensure that the emergency telephone numbers they provide meet the requirements of every country in which they operate.

Why Do You Need Chemical Emergency Response?

Requirements for emergency telephone numbers are sometimes defined in a country’s dangerous good regulations. However, more often, the requirement is due to the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and national SDS regulations. In addition to the various national requirements, a 24-hour emergency telephone number is required when transporting hazardous chemicals by air.

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Our Procedure

  • Emergency Response Helpline

    Our partnership with NCEC provides a robust emergency response helpline which provides actionable advice to the caller 365 days a year, 24/7, providing an uninterrupted, reliable service.

  • Comply With The International Chemical Safety Regulations

    Accessed through a network of international telephone numbers and local language speakers, the service helps chemical suppliers and transporters comply with the complexity of international chemical safety regulations.

  • High Quality Of Response Across Global Organisations

    The international chemical safety regulations mitigate impacts to people, the environment, assets and reputation, and provide a consistently high quality of response and transparency across global organisations.