Nov. 12 EU: Avoid blocking your REACH-IT account

Posted Date: 
Friday, November 12, 2010

From: ECHA

ECHA has published a Fact Sheet to explain how you can avoid blocking your REACH-IT account and how to proceed if your REACH-IT account is blocked. For security reasons ECHA has limited the number of attempts for users to login to REACH-IT. After five attempts the account will be blocked.

To view this document in one of the 22 official language, please click on the above link.


I am very satisfied with the work provided by Nexreg. The work has been through, timely and reasonable. Additionally, both Mike Harvey and Nazifa Beganovic are very knowledgeable. Mike and Nazifa's efforts have been an essential part of getting our MSDS program on track and positioned for the Global Harmonized System.
Jack Cover, Bonsal American, Inc.