National Regulations Governing Labels

In Australia the Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations require that manufacturers, importers and suppliers of chemicals used in the workplace correctly label their products. Generally labels are required for any substance, mixture, or article classified as a hazardous chemical under the WHS regulation (with some exceptions).

“Where a chemical is regulated under more than one set of laws it will need to meet the
labelling requirements placed upon it by all sets of laws. For example, workplace hazardous
chemicals that are also agricultural and veterinary chemicals as defined in the
Commonwealth’s Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 must meet the
requirements of both sets of laws” – Safe Work Australia

Additional information on labelling of workplace hazardous chemicals: Safe Work Australia Code of Practice


GHS Implementation Status:

Currently WHS has been updated to align with Revision 7 of GHS. The transition period for updating your documents began January 1st 2021 and mandatory label compliance with Revision 7 will begin on January 1st 2023.


Additional Regulations:

For additional regulations please refer to the following:

Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals

Consumer and Domestic Chemicals (Poisons)

Therapeutic Goods

Dangerous Goods during Land Transport


Language for required text:



Multi-Jurisdiction Label Options:



Extra language comments:

All specific hazard text provided in English. Hazard text can be provided in additional languages upon request. Marketing text translation can be provided upon request.

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