What Is Right To Know?

California’s Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 (SB 258) is designed to inform consumers and workers about the ingredients used in certain cleaning products. The aim of the bill is to encourage educated purchasing decisions that will help reduce the public health impacts linked to exposure to potentially harmful chemicals by requiring manufacturers of designated products to provide a list of  chemicals used in their formulations.

What Is Required?

If a product meets the definition of a designated product under SB 258, manufacturers are required to search each ingredient against over 20 “designated lists” to determine if there are any potential hazards to human health or the environment. Specific label elements and online disclosure requirements are prescribed, depending on the list status and function of each ingredient.

Nexreg can help determine if California’s Right to Know Act applies to your product and provide you with a memo outlining what information is required to appear on your label and website.

Our Procedure

  • Required Product Information

    Nexreg acquires the formulation and intended use of the product, the function of each ingredient (if available), and any Raw Material SDSs for components of mixtures (if applicable). A copy of the current label can help to determine if the product is subject to the requirements of the law.

  • Chemical Report

    Nexreg inputs the complete formula into our proprietary software and checks the formulation against the designated lists. A report is generated indicating which chemicals must be listed in the online and on-label disclosure.

  • Label Memo

    With this information, a California Right to Know memo is created which outlines the optional and mandatory label and online chemical disclosure requirements. Additional information provided in the report includes details about the website requirements, the identities of each list that the ingredients are flagged on, as well as the URL for each designated list.  The documents are reviewed by a senior consultant to ensure compliance before the final document is issued to the client.