Regulations Governing SDSs

The South Africa GHS regulation is aligned with UN GHS Rev. 4

Standard SANS 10234:2019 (edition-2) was published through the South Africa Bureau of Standards on December 17, 2019.

This Standard supersedes SANS 10265 edition-1 of 1999 and SANS 10234 edition-1.01 of 2008.

The National Committee for Standards for Dangerous Goods, including hazardous chemical substances and dangerous goods, oversees this Standard.

This Standard is also mandated by the South Africa Department of Environment Affairs and Department of Health.

Additional Regulations

SANS 11014:2010 Safety data sheet for chemical products — Content and order of sections

SANS 10228 The identification and classification of dangerous goods for transport by road and rail modes

SANS 10232-4 Transport of dangerous goods – Emergency information systems Part 4: Transport emergency card

GHS Implementation Status

The current standards are not currently regulated in South Africa, however it will be considered a minimum requirement to adhere to when the draft Regulation of Hazardous Substances Agents (2018) is published, which is projected for 2020, under the authority of the Department of Labor.

Transport is highly regulated in South Africa. If your product is regulated for transport, it is mandatory to carry a Transport Emergency Card (TREC).  This card provides documentation outlining the hazards and precautions for the goods the driver is transporting.