Philippines SDS Authoring

National Regulations Governing SDSs

In the Philippines there are three main agencies that govern the management of chemicals:

The Philippines is moving towards GHS implementation among concerned agencies by adapting their existing legislation; which was mandated by a Joint Administrative Order NO. 01 signed May 25, 2009. Specifically for SDS authoring the 3rd Draft DAO for GHS outlines the “Rules and Procedures for the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), labeling Requirements and Hazards Classification under DENR Administrative Order No. 29, Series of 1992 of Republic Act 6969 for the Adoption and Implementation of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)”.

Additional Regulations

The Philippines is currently implementing the GHS system within their legislation. Besides those agencies and legislative acts listed above there are a number listed in Joint Administrative Order NO. 01 also responsible for chemical management and safety being affected by the change to a GHS based system.

For the Philippines Inventory of chemicals:

GHS Implementation Status

The Philippines has adopted the UN GHS system, and it is currently being implemented. In May 2015, The Department of Environment and Natural Resources issued the implementation dates for GHS rules and procedures for SDSs and the La belling of toxic chemicals. Substances must comply with GHS by 2016 and mixtures must comply by 2019.

Substances and compounds on the Chemical Control Order and Priority Chemical List must comply with GHS by 2016, high volume chemicals by 2017, and substances on the International Air Transport Association and International Maritime Dangerous Goods lists by 2018. Other chemical mixtures must comply by 2019. (Source: 3eCompany)

Multi – Jurisdiction SDS Options

Combining Philippines SDSs with other jurisdictions is not recommended.