A press release from the EU. A few key points – the range of the fees is as follows:

The fees and charges that will be charged for registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals under the new REACH registration procedures have been adopted by the Commission today and will be published in the Official Journal in the coming days. The fees and charges will apply with the start of registrations of chemical substances on 1st June 2008 (IP/08/564). The basic registration fee will range from €1600 for substances produced in volumes below ten tonnes, to €31000 for those above 1000 tonnes.

There are also reduced fees for small businesses:

In order to keep the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to a minimum, the Commission applied differentiated price policy between the different groups of companies. The following reductions for registrations have been applied:

  • 30% for medium companies
  • 60% for small sized companies
  • 90% for micro enterprises.

The level of the fees for registration varies according to the tonnage range and a reduction of 25% applies in the case of joint submissions to account for the reduced workload.

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