Last week we discussed the use of dibutyl phthalate in California. This week the LA Times discusses it’s use in nail polish:

A San Fernando Valley nail polish maker that is a major supplier to salons across the country said that it had removed the chemical toluene from its products.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics had asked OPI Products Inc. to remove toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, from its products.

In a letter to an activist group, OPI also said it had stopped using DBP and was looking for alternatives to formaldehyde.

A founding member of the campaign, Women’s Voices for the Earth of Missoula, Mont., on Thursday released news of OPI’s formula change. That group, along with a California state senator who has worked to regulate chemicals in cosmetics, hailed OPI’s move as an important step in worker safety.

See here for the full article.

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