We posted a few days ago about Restricted Components Regulations. One question that kept coming up was “We have a product that is a mixture and one of the components is listed in the regulations. Does this apply to us?” The answer: Unless specifically mentioned in the regulations, the act only covers the pure form not mixtures. The Ministry of Natural Resources sent us this clarification:

Except for the H2O2, the Nitric Acid and the Ammonium nitrate, the other 6 restricted components (including Nitromethane) are currently regulated under their pure form (i.e. 100%).

The exemptions are as follows:

(a) ammonium nitrate in solid form at a concentration between 28 and 34% nitrogen;

(b) hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of at least 30%, UN numbers: 2015 and 3149;

(g) nitric acid at a concentration of at least 68%, UN numbers: 2031 and 2032;

I hope this clears things up. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at info@nexreg.com