UPDATE: The Act has been released. See: Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

Last month we discussed the proposed Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act. It appears that the bill will be introduced tomorrow, April 8th. The Canadian press reports:

A spokeswoman for Health Minister Tony Clement confirmed the government expects to table the proposed legislation in the House of Commons, but wouldn’t reveal the bill’s contents.

However, Laryssa Waler said it’s “safe to assume” the legislation will closely resemble the government’s Food and Consumer Safety Action Plan, published last December.

“I can’t say what the proposed legislation would do. You can see from our action plan the areas we intended to address,” she said in an e-mail.

The Calgary Herald adds:

Currently, Health Canada does not have the power to recall products that violate the law, but can seize products from store shelves. A new consumer product safety law, to be tabled in Parliament Tuesday, will empower the government to issue mandatory product recalls when companies fail to act on legitimate safety concerns.

We will provide details of the law the minute it becomes available. See our earlier post to learn more about the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act.