As promised, the first reading text of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act was released today. The full text of Bill C-52, which contains the act, is available here. This needs to be passed before it becomes law and will likely be amended, but we feel our clients and colleagues need to be aware of its existence. Among other things, the bill gives inspectors the right to force an immediate recall of that product:

32. (1) If an inspector believes on reasonable grounds that a consumer product is a danger to human health or safety, they may order a person who manufactures, imports or sells the product for commercial purposes to recall it.

While we still need to study the act in closer detail, the main effect of the act appears to drastically increase the costs of manufacturing or selling non-compliant products. Now, more than ever, companies will need to ensure their products sold in Canada comply with Canadian regulations, such as the CCCR.

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