This news release discussing the Article 95 List is brought to you by ECHA.



While preparing the publication of the first EU list of biocidal active substances and suppliers, namely the Article 95 list, the Agency has formally agreed with the European Commission that non-EU companies participating in the EU programme to review all existing biocidal active substances on the EU market (Review Programme) will be listed next to their EU representative. The same will apply for non-EU companies who have supported a new active substance.


To ensure equal treatment, all non-EU manufacturers will from now on have the possibility to appoint an EU representative for the purposes of the Article 95 list.


Non-EU companies participating in the Review Programme will be contacted by ECHA for more information about their EU-representatives. For those companies planning to make a submission representing non-EU entities, ECHA has modified the supporting document to include also this information.



For more information on the Article 95 List, please visit the EHCA link above.  Please contact Nexreg for Regulatory Services.