Canada SDS Authoring


There have been 19 new substances added to Canada’s Domestic Substances List (DSL). Nine have been added to part one of the list and ten to part three.




Substances listed in part one are:




85784-12-9 N


101357-36-2 N


203255-81-6 N


1126942-72-0 N-P


1206450-10-3 N-P


3699-54-5 N


68937-46-2 N


69039-34-5 N


84632-59-7 N








Substances that were added in part three are:






19027-1 N-P




19026-0 N-P




19025-8 N-P






19023-6 N-P








19021-4 N-P




19018-1 N




19017-0 N




19016-8 N




19015-7 N-P




19014-6 N-P


For more information, please visit the Canada Gazette.


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