CCCR Compliance


By: Ashley Thompson, regulatory consultant


Every country has their own regulations regarding the classification and labelling requirements for consumer chemical products. In Canada, this is governed by the “Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations 2001” (CCCR-2001). With the exception of products governed by other Canadian legislation (cosmetics, drugs, explosives, food, medical devices, nuclear substances, pest control products, tobacco products), all consumer chemical products must follow specific guidelines under CCCR.


There are five main parts to CCCR:



    1. Toxic Products


    1. Corrosive Products


    1. Flammable Products


    1. Quick Skin-Bonding Adhesives


    1. Pressurized Containers



Consumer chemical products are classified in sub-categories, for example; “Harmful”, “Toxic”, and “Very Toxic” in order to determine what symbols and specific statements are required on the label. CCCR also dictates the size and placement of these symbols and statements to ensure all hazard information is legible for the consumer. Additionally, required text must be in both of Canada’s official languages; English and French.


Classifying these products and ensuring all necessary information is properly displayed on the label can be both complicated and time consuming, and improperly classified or labelled products can be recalled from the shelves.


Nexreg can save you valuable time by preparing a CCCR Review for your product, detailing not only what symbols and statements are required on your label, but the size of these symbols and text as well. Nexreg will also check your completed label to ensure CCCR compliance and help you avoid unnecessary headaches.