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Consumer Product Safety in Canada


A guide to standards and conformity assessment options for manufacturers, importers and sellers


Chapter 1: Standardization and the consumer product safety landscape


What is consumer product safety? Consumer product safety refers to efforts made to ensure that products, when selected and used appropriately, will not cause a danger to human health or safety. Danger may include property damage, potential injury, or loss of life. Whether it’s a television, baby stroller or children’s sleepwear – product safety considerations can be applied to most components, including accessories and packaging.


Consumer product safety affects all Canadians every day.


Confidence in the product or its components is dependent on a shared & continual commitment to quality and safety by all parties involved in the product supply chain, whether they are based in Canada or not. Canadian manufacturers, importers, sellers, and the Canadian government all have roles to play in safeguarding public health and safety, as do consumers.


As a manufacturer, importer or seller of consumer products, you are expected to ensure that you do not manufacture, import or sell products that:


    • Do not meet Canadian regulatory requirements,  or


    • Pose a danger to the health or safety of Canadians.



Through all stages and channels from design to delivery – products must comply with applicable federal and provincial/territorial regulations. This applies regardless of whether the product itself or its components originate in Canada.



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