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Across Europe, and the world, companies are focusing on the classification, labelling and packaging Regulation (CLP) deadline for mixtures on 1 June. The deadline affects all supply chain actors, including chemical manufacturers, mixture formulators, article producers and importers. After this date, the CLP classification and hazard communication requirements will be fully implemented for products being placed on the market, and the most demanding and ubiquitous aspects of CLP implementation will be in place.


However, as with all regulatory milestones, compliance challenges will remain as the nature of CLP implementation changes from obligations that affect all supply chain actors, to those that are targeted and specific.


A complex array of existing requirements, associated regulatory processes, such as REACH, and new legislation, for example, the adaptations to technical progress (ATPs), will steer the evolution of CLP and determine how it is implemented beyond the 1 June deadline. With this in mind, what are the key factors supply chain actors should be aware of after this date?



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