This recall notice is brought to you by Health Canada.



This recall affects selected Science Experiment Kits (Chemistry Sets) under the Thames & Kosmos brand. The affected kits are as follows:


CHEM C500 and CHEM C1000 Experiment Kits – All U.S. versions sold in Canada are recalled. (Note: Canadian versions of the C500 and C1000 distributed by Filosofia/FILOFILO are not recalled (see lower 4 images to the right indicating presence of “12+” stickers and required Canadian warnings that distinguish Filosofia product from the U.S. sourced products).


CHEM C2000, CHEM C3000, and Spectacular Science Experiment Kits – All versions of these products sold in Canada are recalled.


All Canadian versions of the C500 and C1000 experiment kits being sold through Filosofia (Filosofia is the Canadian distributor of Thames and Kosmos products, see pictures below) are fully compliant and meet or exceed all regulations under the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act and are not recalled.


The U.S. versions of the kits in question have entered the country without the knowledge of either Filosofia or Thames and Kosmos and it is only the U.S. versions of the kits that are being recalled.”


It has been identified that the C500 and C1000 experiment kits contain hazardous chemicals and have been sold in Canada without the required safety warning statements and labels. These labels direct the user to important safety information regarding use of the chemicals provided with the product and communicate recommended age suitability for use of the products. In addition, it has been identified that the C2000, C3000, and the Spectacular Science experiment kits contain prohibited substances under theCanada Consumer Product Safety Act and its Regulations. Inclusion of prohibited substances and a lack of required labelling can both lead to serious adverse health effects.


Neither Health Canada, nor Filosofia, nor Thames & Kosmos have received any reports of incidents or injuries to Canadians related to the use of these products.



For the full product recall and additional information please refer to the Health Canada link above. Consumer CCCR label reviews needed to prevent product recalls and guarantee compliance with Canadian consumer chemical product regulations are provided by Nexreg Compliance, Inc.