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The Guidance for downstream users has been updated to take into account and implement the experience and best practices developed and established since the original version of the guidance was drafted in 2008.


In particular, the update addresses the need to provide more and up-to-date guidance on (i) the application of scaling when checking whether a downstream user’s use of a substance is covered by the supplier’s exposure scenario and (ii) the communication of information on the safe use of mixtures. The guidance has been fully reviewed to eliminate out of date information, streamline the document and present, in a more user-friendly and linear way, the different downstream user’s obligations.


The Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets (SDSs) has been amended by updating and including into an Appendix information on extending the SDS which was already contained in Part G of the Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment. The latter document was published before the current Guidance on the compilation of SDSs was drafted. This update improves the clarity and consistency of these ECHA Guidance documents. Core parts of the Guidance on the compilation of SDSs and the original appendices have been updated only to the extent needed to accommodate the new appendix and eliminate repetitions and obvious mistakes.



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