This news update discussing R4BP 3.1 is brought to you by ECHA.



R4BP 3.1 now provides more advanced features that make it even easier to manage the biocides submission process for both industry and national competent authorities.


Helsinki, 16 April 2014 – The changes include four main features. The first of these is the introduction of new R4BP 3 processes to support national authorisation renewals and enable authorities to update existing decisions. The second feature is an enhanced transparency of the process workflow which now covers all the key steps defined in the Biocidal Products Regulation. Thirdly, a new functionality has been introduced to help users to visualise the various steps performed on a case. The fourth feature is a task timer that is designed to assign a deadline to each item, based on those set in the legal text. It also provides a useful reminder feature where late and soon-to-be late tasks are highlighted.


Additionally, the software now enables the authorities to define the documents that will be attached to the final decision.


With the new release of the R4BP 3 software, companies can expect to efficiently manage process schedules and fee payments while competent authorities are provided with greater flexibility and a better control of their tasks.


The R4BP 3 submission manuals have been updated to reflect the changes to the submission processes and include information concerning the new online submission processes such as the renewal of national authorisations. A glossary section with terms and definitions can also now be found at the end of the manuals.



For more information on R4BP 3.1 please visit the ECHA link above.  Please contact Nexreg for more on our MSDS services.