A recent release from the OEHHA:

…Many interested parties have requested that OEHHA provide more guidance concerning acceptable methods for providing warnings to consumers for exposures to listed chemicals in foods purchased at retail stores. The specific guidance currently provided by regulations concerning the range of possible options for providing Proposition 65 warnings for exposures from foods in the retail context are very limited. In addition, guidance may be needed concerning the content of any required warning (i.e. what additional information may be provided and in what format that would still be considered “clear and reasonable” under the Act).

As an initial step toward the development of a regulatory proposal on this subject, OEHHA is requesting input from stakeholders in the enforcement and business communities, as well as other members of the public concerning the range of options that could be included in any amendment to the safe harbor warning regulations that would specifically apply to exposures to listed chemicals in food products. Examples of such input would be ideas about on-product labels, off-product signage, centralized warnings for all affected food products in the store, in-store warning information kiosks, print media warnings or web-based information. OEHHA is also requesting stakeholder input concerning the content of warnings for exposures to listed chemicals in foods, specifically language that conveys the required warning message, without undue confusion for consumers.

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