A recent article in the Oroville Mercury Register discusses possible changes to California’s Prop 65:

Non-stick pans, wind-proof coats, even that 40-pound sack of dogfood hauled home from Costco the other day all need a state Proposition 65 warning because they conceal a potential human carcinogen, a coalition of labor and environmental groups said Wednesday.

The culprit is PFOA, a long-living chemical necessary for modern wonders such as Gore-Tex and Teflon but suspected of contaminating the blood of everyone on the globe. Earlier this month, a federal scientific advisory panel concluded that PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, likely causes cancer in humans.

On Wednesday, seven groups – including United Steelworkers, the Sierra Club, and the Environmental Working Group – asked state Attorney General Bill Lockyer to force manufacturers to warn customers under the 1986 consumer protection law known as Proposition 65.”

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